Consumer Protection Division


Consumer Claims

The Consumer Protection Division (CPD) was created to foster trust and transparency in the marketplace by promoting ethical business practices, protecting consumers from deceptive or unfair activities and advocating for a fair and equitable business environment.  Each of the CPD’s members has been certified as upholding ethical standards and can be easily identified by the “certified blue CPD checkmark” sticker on their business window or by locating them within the online directory.  

The CPD plays a pivotal role in upholding ethical standards, and resolving disputes by fostering trust between the business community and the consumers they serve by offering a mediation platform for resolving disputes between consumers and its network of businesses, ensuring that grievances are addressed promptly and fairly, reducing the strain on legal resources. For consumers who feel a CPD network member has violated this trust, complete and submit the form to the CPD review board.


Need To Make A claim?

Filing a claim with the Consumer Protection Division is quick and easy with our secure online process.